Dec 1, 2008

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Entering the last few moments of trading the FTSE is down over 1.5% despite a positive start.

The United Kingdom Forex index rose slightly upon opening before slumping in mid-morning trading, due largely to concerns over the value of sterling. Retailers, financials and construction companies were the hardest hit today as the downbeat sentiment continues – news of 52,000 more job cuts at Citigroup helped drag the mood lower while Wall Street dropped on opening to ensure a negative afternoon session for the FTSE.

As the world’s largest economies head into what could be a prolonged recession, industry reports claim the United Kingdom Forex could be expecting its most severe contraction in 28 years. The economic crisis is mutating rapidly and investors seem much more willing to sell at the slightest chance, with positive news reports few and far between. Bailout plans seem increasingly aimed at keeping economies afloat rather than acting as catalysts for a recovery, so we should expect more doom and gloom as the FTSE edges closer to the psychological 4000 mark – a level which could encourage more investors to jump on the selling bandwagon

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