Aug 5, 2008

ForexGen Defines the Best Stop Loss point

How to Define the Best Stop Loss point?

Try these tools to define the most accurate stop loss points easily:
Use 10 pips over/below the first Parabolic SAR spot (dot) appeared over/below the price candles for Short/Long Trades.Note#1: Remember you just can use 10 pips above the parabolic SAR dots as an Stop Loss point when you have a Short trade and Vice Versa.
Note#2: You realized that the Stop Loss obtained from SAR is too far from the point which you want to enter the market. OK, this means you are about to enter the market very late so better to not do it.
Use 10 pips over/below the day before yesterday's HIGH and LOW and in the case of the market has moved a lot far, use 10 pips over/below the yesterday HIGH and LOW as a Stop Loss point for your Short/Long trades.
Use two Moving Averages of 55 EMA and 144 MA. You may place your stop loss just 10 pips below/above one of those two MAs depending on how do you set up the profit/loss game for your Long/Short trades.Note#: If you trade on the range market break out be aware of this kind of Stop Loss setting, and it is quite safer to use another way.
Place the Stop Loss 10 pips over/below Bollinger Bands Upper/Lower band for Short/Long trades.
If you use Elliot Waves theory to analyze the market:# Place the Stop Loss just 10 pips below the lowest point of the Second (2) wave in bullish trend when you LONG on Wave 3. # places the Stop Loss 10 pips below the lowest point of the 4th Wave when you go for LONG on 5th Wave. # Place the Stop Loss right above/below the top/low of the previous wave when you go for SHORT/LONG based on A-B-C correctional waves.
Aforementioned suggestions are based on 4Hours chart.
Those ways of defining Stop Loss points has worked for me, but it does not necessarily works for you, so ask your mentor or an expert friend to do evaluate the probability of fitting those suggestions to your trading strategy.
10 pips are because sometimes price hit the important support or resistance levels by more than a touch.
Please don't forget, the Stop Loss issue is not actually a game. It is not even an option for you; it is a "MUST" and will save you when you can do nothing, so refresh your mind in this case.